4 Tricks to Cut the Cravings

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4 Tricks to Cut the Cravings

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You're on your way out of the grocery store when you see that delicious snack you really like. But you're watching your diet and you want to eat better. But wait! The snack tastes really good and you're only eating a little bit. It's a tough situation. How do you stick to your diet plan?

What's your motivation?

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If you have a really strong reason or motivation to watch your diet, it will be a lot easier to resist the temptation to stray from that diet. The motivation doesn't need to be fancy. It may be a goal you're trying to reach. It could just be a lot of pain from knowing what doesn't work and a strong desire to move away from that. The stronger it is, the better you'll be able to move past those things that keep you from reaching your goals.

Start somewhere

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Make a small change somewhere. If it helps, plan the small change. Keep making small changes. Let yourself see all of the small changes you keep making. As you see them, it becomes easier to stick with those changes. The consistency becomes easier, though there will be some tough days. The tougher days will test you. Let your motivation steer you clear of your cravings!

Keep a log

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Keep a diary, journal, or log of your progress. It will help you track your progress of the changes you're making. It will also help you find what makes it easier and tougher for you to cut the cravings. Make sure to glance at the log on a regular basis. It will show you a different perspective of the changes you're trying to make. Sometimes, that's all you need to keep going!

Find a replacement

You don't necessarily need to cut the craving. It may work for you to find something that still gives you what you crave without the unhealthy effects. Sugar, butter, cigarettes,…there are many products that will help you kick bad habits or reduce unhealthy effects without giving up everything you loved about them. It's best to use these replacements in some sort of plan to cut the cravings. That will allow them to be most effective.