5 Mental Tips to Power Through Your Workout

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5 Mental Tips to Power Through Your Workout

You’re in the middle of your workout, and you lose your motivation or willpower. You want to quit, but you know you shouldn’t. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you need to power through this. You want to remain consistent, but you feel depleted.

We’ve made a list of ways for you to get through workout so you can stay on track for your goals!

Make a game of it with your buddy

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It can be really tough to get through your workouts alone. Having a support and accountability buddy is really important so you both can help each other through your workouts. Try a friendly competition with your buddy to encourage each other and keep each other on track. If you make a game of it, you can take the focus off of the workout, making the workout much more fun. You power through the burn and hit your goals with much less stress.

Rotate through games and keep incorporating new games into your routine to give your body variety. See what works and what doesn’t. Mix and match different elements of different games to refresh the workout.

If you’re really ambitious, try to pull some additional buddies into it to drive the social element of the workout and forget the burn. You’ll probably want to keep it a small group to stay focused, and if you do it well, you’ll all make great strides.

Use your music

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Music has a way of lifting you out of the toughest slumps, rhythmically and lyrically. Choose a track that will get you back up and moving. You probably want to choose a high octane track that gives you the motivation you need, but do what works for you. Let yourself dance to it and let it fuel you!

Keep a library of tracks for moments like these. It’ll help you through those really tough moments. Make sure you rotate through the tracks and keep the library fresh. Your body will appreciate the diversity.

Baby step yourself

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Don’t focus on the big goal you’re trying to achieve. That can make it feel ominous and impossible. Focus on the present and on the next step. Go step by step and displace from your mind the overall objective.

By chunking your way to the end of your workout, you change your focus. If you keep looking at how far away you are from your goal, you often intensify your pain and discouraging thoughts. Focusing on the next step helps you maintain your energy and momentum and apply it in a really effective way to finish your workout.

Focus on a reward

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To power through the burn, focus on a reward you will give yourself at the end of your workout that will make it all worth it. The reward might be the reason you’re doing the workout (better shape) or something you consume like a smoothie. Creating this reward system for yourself can not only make the workout more tolerable but anticipated. It becomes less of a drag to get yourself into the workout when you can learn to anticipate the associated reward at the end.

Stretch yourself appropriately

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Listen to your body. Acknowledge that you may not be in the shape or condition required to complete the workout.

Pushing yourself also means knowing your limits. Try to push a little bit further and gauge how you feel. Can you keep going or do you think you need to call it? We can appreciate our current capabilities and build motivation to do better next time.