The Astonishingly Wild Coast of Oregon

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The Astonishingly Wild Coast of Oregon

While most people look to the tranquil beaches of California or Florida for their summer holidays, those who are more into the wild outdoors search for the most dramatic coastal destinations in the United States. When it comes to stunning scenery and magnificent seashore, there are few places in the world that can rival with the bewildering coast of Oregon. Alternating dramatic coast that features high cliffs and majestic rock formations with idyllic patches of sandy beaches that still offer picturesque sights, the coast of Oregon is a nature lover’s dream. There are plenty of unforgettable places and experiences available all along this amazing destination and travelers can certainly begin exploring from either the south or the north.

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A spectacular area in the south of Oregon’s wild coast is the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, with a lot of trails that explore the wooded coast and provide access to some of the most unbelievable views and panoramas one could imagine. Most of the paths are quite short and not so challenging, getting visitors to the most beautiful vantage points to admire the unique beaches and rock formations, including the most stunning natural bridges or secret beaches. There are also some hiking trails that are more difficult to experience, with steep inclines and high drops. Nevertheless, the scenery is always breathtaking.

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Further along the coast towards the north, travelers can reach the Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor, offering panoramic views of the dramatic and rugged coastline. Admiring this unique landscape from high above or wandering around the picturesque beaches located to the south, with countless rocky outcrops jutting from the restless ocean are unforgettable experiences. Lucky visitors might even catch a glimpse of the majestic whales migrating along the coast at certain times of the year.

Another awesome destination on the wild coast of Oregon is the less known Cape Blanco State Park, featuring many peaceful campsites that allow visitors to explore the area with ease. There are plenty of hiking trails, horseback riding opportunities, picturesque beaches and a historical beautiful lighthouse dating from 1870. The Coos Bay area to the north is also worth exploring, with several state parks protecting mind-blowing coastal landscapes. The Cape Arango, Shore Acres, Sunset Bay and Yoakam Bay offer a variety of trails to discover and astonishing sights to admire.

The Siuslaw National Forest covers large areas of the coast, featuring a rich biodiversity and stunning scenery, ranging from mountain forests to rocky coastal ridges and wild beaches. Continuing north along the Oregon Coast Highway, travelers can reach the superb Agate Beach, sitting south of the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. This is truly one of the most inspiring sight one could encounter, with the old lighthouse built in the 1870s dominating the cape, surrounded by craggy rocks. Towards the border with the Washington State, the coast becomes even wilder between Oswald West State Park and Ecola State Park, with an endless series of marvelous beaches and sea stacks. There are no words to express the sheer magic of these destinations, stirring up a sense of awe and grandeur that is unparalleled.