How does cannabis affect running?

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How does cannabis affect running?

A staggering number of athletes have admitted to their use of cannabis as a recreational and medical substance. Cannabis being a fantastic replacement for alcohol, has gained traction over the years as a social activity. Why do athletes, especially runners, prefer to use cannabis even whilst training? We believe the answer is a mix of science and psychology that will be discussed today.

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Cannabis makes you feel good

It is no lie that cannabis makes  you feel better than ever. THC works wonders on the body when it comes to relaxation. The psychological effects of cannabis could result in lower stress levels and better sleep, which is always beneficial. Taking some cannabis before a jog and after a jog could alleviate some of that fatigue. After all, a big part of fatigue is purely psychological.
Some runners have even commented that cannabis allows them to focus on the running rather than getting distracted. Not to mention that time passes quite easily while stoned. So, you can enjoy the sun on your face while jogging through the neighbourhood, rather than worrying about the number of miles left.

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Cannabis helps with recovery

Unknown to most, cannabis has a wide range of cannabinoids. THC is the most well known and is found in large concentrations, but there are many more compounds present in the buds of this herb. CBD is another cannabinoid, found in lower concentrations. There are certain strains which contain high levels of naturally occurring CBD. CBD and THC help to reduce pain and inflammation, both of which are common post workout.

Having some cannabis after a good run could help to speed up the recovery process. Since you feel less pain being in a state of euphoria, the quality of rest will be higher. This paves the way to a quicker and more complete recovery.

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Try not to smoke!

When it comes running, you need to have strong lungs. The condition of your lungs will determine whether you end up wheezing or completing the run. Therefore, it is important that you keep your lungs in good shape. Even though cannabis smoke is less harmful than most other sources of smoke, it is still a hot gust of air filled with particles that could irritate your lungs. Smoking anything will reduce the capacity of your lungs which will negatively affect you during the runs.

Therefore, instead of puffing on a joint regularly, try to stick to edibles. Edibles are completely harmless and do not take a toll on your health. Not to mention, their effects last a lot longer than what you achieve through a joint.

Cannabis can be a wonderful addition to one’s lifestyle. By pairing cannabis with proper exercise and diet, one can ensure that both their mental and physical health is very well taken care of.