Top 5 travel destinations for cannabis lovers

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Top 5 travel destinations for cannabis lovers

Smoking weed alone is half the fun! The best part about cannabis is that it can be shared, making it a sociable event for everyone. What’s a better way to socialise than visiting cannabis friendly places to meet your friendly weed lovers. With all the different laws regulating the herb, it might be difficult to map out a travel plan which is stoner friendly. Which is why today, you will learn about the best places to visit if you are a cannabis lover.


Stoner friendly places are quite easy to come by considering all the lax laws behind cannabis as of late. But that does not mean that every stoner friendly place is worth visiting,


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Alberta Canada


Canada is without a doubt one of the most stoner friendly countries in the world. With the relaxed laws that permit recreational marijuana, getting high is as easy as going to the store. Packed with dispensaries all over the country, bagging some kush is not a difficult task to accomplish.


So, why Alberta? Alberta has some of the most densely packed dispensary lines in all of Canada. With so many dispensaries around, you are bound to run into some fellow stoners. Canadians are said to be among the most friendliest people in the world, and stoners are said to be the most peaceful! In our eyes,That’s a very good combination.


Not to mention, Alberta is breathtaking! The lush mountains, lakes and forests and filled with scenic landscapes for you to enjoy. I doubt anything can beat the feeling of cool 

mountain air caressing your face as you puff on a joint!


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The land of the Rastafarians! When you hear of Jamaica, everyone pictures the blue Carribean and the lush jungles paired with sandy beaches. This is all true, but Jamaica has more than that. It is the land of green gold and reggae music.


While cannabis is not entirely legal in Jamaica, it is decriminalised for recreational use. This means that you can enjoy quality stoner time while eating some BBQ’d fish off the coast. The people in Jamaica are very hospitable and tourism is very prominent, which means you can easily score some while being in the luxury of your hotel.


There are cannabis centered tours that make Jamaica an ideal place to visit. Good weed, food, places and people? That’s a yes all the way to the airport.


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The Netherlands are known for their picturesque canals that attract millions of tourists per year. But unknown to most, the Netherlands have some of the oldest cannabis attractions in the world. Known locally as coffee shops, these are  places where cannabis is sold for personal use. That’s right, the law tolerates the use and possession of weed as long as it's strictly personal. Which translates to, don't stroll around the city with pockets full of cannabis.


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One of the earliest states to gain access to legalised recreational Marijuana. Nevada is already popular for its grand deserts and entertainment, but did you know it hosts the world's biggest dispensary? Planet 13 in Las Vegas is the world’s biggest dispensary, quite a treat if you are a cannabis lover as it is loaded with rare exotics and high quality cannabis products. The nightlife and activities are plentiful, making Nevada a great place to travel if you are a stoner.

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Just above Canada lies the state of Alaska. Known for its cold temperatures and year round snow, Alaska is a great place for chill out for a stoner. Cannabis is legal for recreational use, but the use of cannabis in public is illegal. This means you can’t go about puffing a blunt up in the Denali National Park. But, it is perfectly ok to light up in your own private space. Lie down, relax and enjoy the Northern Lights above your head!

Looking to travel to a cannabis friendly destination? How do you rate our recommendations? Let us know! With the number of countries legalising recreational cannabis increasing by the day, pot lovers can now freely travel the world buzzing away.