What are Moon Rocks?

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What are Moon Rocks?

The first time I ever had a moon rock, the story ends right there. To be frank, I have no recollection of the events that followed after having a moonrock infused bong rip! The infamous cannabis party on a single puff is without a doubt one of the most potent forms of cannabis in the market. Reserved for the veterans with cultured tolerances, not everyone dares to take a moon rock bong rip. If you aren’t familiar with these blasts of THC, buckle up as we are about to take a stroll right through it.

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What are moon rocks?


Know one really knows when moon rocks became a thing, but we believe it was in the early 70s when the rapper Kurupt made his own trademark version of it. By tradition, moon rocks contain three cannabis products infused to create a THC carnival. They are Girl Scout buds, hash oil and kief. You can replace the buds with a strain of your choosing.

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How are they made?


It is very easy to make moon rocks. Gather all the ingredients and start off with the buds. Make sure the bud is trimmed and cleaned to perfection, next, dip it in some hash oil. The hash oil has to be fresh, stale hash oil will give it an oily taste in your mouth. Next roll the bud in a bed of kief, making sure that the outer layer of the bud is well coated. Dust off the extra kief and let it dry in a cool dry place that does not get any sunlight.

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How do you smoke moon rocks?


Smoking moon rocks is quite simple, either you add into a roll or you use a bong to light it up. Just make sure that the rocks are well cut up or grounded before lighting as they tend to go out easily. 


TIP: Always use a sharp sturdy grinder for moon rocks or just opt for sharp scissors. A blunt grinder could mash the moon rock inside which would make it extra difficult to light up. 


For joints a light sprinkle over the usual herb should be enough. Make sure to gradually increase the amount added as these are extremely potent.




Always have a snack before smoking moon rocks. They are so potent that it can induce nausea for some. With the inevitable munchies making its way after a smoke, it is best to make sure you are already stacked beforehand.


Drink a lot of water. Yes water cuts the high to a certain extent, but you aren’t climbing down from the clouds anytime soon with moon rocks in your blend. But, the cotton mouth is sure to become a nuisance. You would most likely be couch locked after smoking, therefore make sure to have a bottle nearby for easy access.

As always, smoke safe and smoke responsibly. For the best sessions, make sure that the environment is just right. Cut off the distractions, jam in some music and enjoy your trip through the cosmos.