Top 3 strains to enhance music

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Top 3 strains to enhance music

Remember the times when all cannabis did was make you high? Well, it has the same effect even now but with cannabis being so progressive over the last decade, we have managed to see some surprising changes. The effects of cannabis have been refined to the point where its effects can be singulated to match a specific strain. Now, we have strains that treat mental disorders, one’s that help you fall asleep and countless more. We peeked into a very specific branch of effects that relate to creativity, when we came across a revelation. Are there strains that enhance music? To our immense joy we found there were several strains that sparked our curiosity.

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Northern Lights

For Mellow and relaxing tunes

Every stoner in the world knows this strain. Northern Lights came into the limelight in the 70s where it made its way onto California. The strain was very popular amongst those into concerts as it gave a burst of energy when taken in moderation. A perfect supplement to rave throughout the night.

The strain was noted for giving the user a strong body high that can be felt from the tip of the head all the way down to the toes. However, the catch came in hard. Northern Lights being a pure Indica, causes drowsiness in large amounts. Therefore, moderation is key with this strain. If you get too greedy and smoke too much, you’d be out before the chorus.

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Jack Herer

Best suited for lyrical enthusiasts

Not everyone likes to zone out when listening to a tune, if you are such an individual, the Jack Herer is the strain for you. Named after the famous Activist, the strain is as legendary as the person itself.

Jack Herer is a sativa dominant cannabis strain. Its high gives the user a sense of bliss without putting them in a dreamy state. If you like to keep your focus and drown in the lyrics, this strain should do you justice. Users rate the strain as a trip of high understanding, maybe you’d be able to crack the code in your favourite song.

Green Crack

To put a groove in your vibe.

With a name like Green Crack, you’d expect it to be a hardcore cannabis strain and you are not wrong. Green Crack is a strain that would knock off your socks if you aren’t ready for it!
This sativa strain is all about energy with its strong body highs. We would recommend this strain for those who are looking to shake their hips to the tunes in their ears. Taking Green Crack and couch locking one’self in it is definitely not recommended as it could induce anxiety and paranoia.

What is your favourite strain to enjoy some music? If you haven’t tried what’s above, we heavily recommend them to you. These are age old strains, that have been tried and tested by generations. From the 80s hip hop artists to the country lovers in the early 2000s.